Saturday, May 13, 2017

Chet Baker

Friday 13 May 1988 Amsterdam
That morning at 3:10 am Chet Bakker, the famous jazz trumpet player , singer, was found dead, laying on the street under his window on the second floor of his room 210 at hotel Prins Hendrik at the Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam. Baker was 59 years of age he was in Amsterdam as part of a multi-appearance tour of the Netherlands. 
Chet regularly preformed at the Amsterdam cafe "De Kroeg" ( nowadays called "Malou Melo") took part in jam sessions and stayed the night above the cafe.
Chet was not only known for his incredible trumpet virtuosity and tender voice but also as a timeless style icon.

Chet Baker playing in Amsterdam

                                             Hotel Prins Hendrik Amsterdam

                                      Chet Baker room 210

Room 210 Chet Baker 

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