Saturday, June 24, 2017

Artis Amsterdam zoo

Artis Amsterdam Zoo
During the Second World War, many Jewish people had to go in hiding in fear of being detained by the Nazis. People hide in attics, cellars, farm barns and sometimes in plain sight. Hiding in places that are prohibited to be for the Jewish people like the Zoo. The Amsterdam zoo, Artis, gave shelter to many people, 300 Jewish were hiding from the Nazis in areas above the animal cages. Similar to what happen at Warsaw the zoo in Poland ( as seen in the film "The zookeepers wife" ) where Jewish people were saved from the ghetto and deportation to the Nazi extermination camps. Many people survived the war, because they were given shelter even the risks of severe punishment.

                                                              Butterfly pavillon

Here was the big cats cages. At the storerooms above these cages 
jewish people was hiding during the second world war. 

Tapir and flower

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